Christmas honey cookies

By tradition, different cookies and sweets are baked for Christmas. This cookie turned out very tender. We do not really like spices, such as ginger, cardamom, etc., so I used only honey and caramel. If you want, of course, you can add different spices to the dough and then the taste will be even more christmas.

honey - 150 g;
sugar - 60 g;
flour - 300 g;
chicken eggs - 1 pc .;
egg whites - 1 pc .;
sugar powder - 200 g;
cream butter - 50 g;
chocolate chips - 10 g.

How to cook christmas honey cookies.

In a deep saucepan we heat honey. It is very important that the honey does not boil! On the very small fire heat it up until it becomes liquid. If a film is formed, it is n ... Read more »

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New Year's Pizza Christmas tree

Every New Year wants to make an unusual, to please yourself, to surprise relatives and friends. There are several ways to do this: decorate the house, make presents and Christmas toys with your own hands, prepare delicious food. In order for dishes to please not only the taste, but also the eye, you can arrange them very beautifully and unusually.

For this New Year I decided to make a pizza in the form of fir-trees with toys. Christmas tree decorations came out yellow and red with the help of Bulgarian pepper of the corresponding colors. For strawberries I needed straw sticks. To create a green color of Christmas trees and make improvised halves, I used ordinary greens.

flour - 4 cups;
water - 310 ml;
salts - 1 tsp. ;
vegetable oil ... Read more »

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Christmas gingerbread with anticipation

It's no secret that Christmas is a bright holiday. Gadgets start on Christmas, since this night girls are looking for their brides. That's why I offer gingerbread with predictions to your attention. I do not know how you are, but personally, I try not to "play" with fate. But to choose a carrot with a prediction is so romantic. And suddenly there is written exactly what you dreamed about, foresight will strengthen your faith in this dream and it will surely come to fruition!

honey - 500 g;
cream butter - 250 g;
wheat flour - 500 g;
rye flour - 500 g;
sugar - 350 g;
salt - 3 g;
Soda Food - 5 g;
chicken eggs - 2;
milk - 100 g;
spices - 1 hl .;
sugar powder - 150 g;
lemon juice - 1 tbsp. l .;
chicken eggs ... Read more »

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New Year's biscuits

An Ant Cake is one of the favorites in our family. At the holidays decided to conduct an experiment with the design. In the name of the cookie I wrote "New Year's bumps", but the kind of cake is more like Christmas trees. Well, what can be called them and so, the main taste of this will not change.

Who does not have enough time for baking dough, you can take ready-made cookies, open it in the crumbs. But preparing a dough does not take much time itself.

walnuts - 50 g;
milk - 4 tablespoons. l .;
sugar - 4 tablespoons. l;
sugar powder - 2 tablespoons. l .;
boiled condensed milk - 1 jar;
wheat flour - 3 str.
cream margarine - 125 g;
chicken eggs - 1 pc.

How ... Read more »

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Christmas salad

A few centuries ago, our Christian ancestors did not think about how to cook salads for Christmas, simply because the traditions of their preparation for the festive table did not exist. However, today, the preparation of Christmas salads in the home has firmly grown into our modern tradition of this holiday, and we can not imagine a feast without any salads.

When cooking this salad, each ingredient is made up and distributed over the dishes in layers. The dishes are chosen to be put on a festive table.
It is possible to make both a deep salad bowl, and not very deep.

salmon - 400 g;
chicken eggs - 5 pcs .;
potatoes - 200 g;
onions - 1 pc .;
cream butter - 100 g;
hard cheese - 150 g;
mayonnaise - 70 g;
red caviar - 300 g.< ... Read more »

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Poppy Cake

A dough for a pie I make yeast. The composition is very similar to the Easter baking. Poppy stuffing, probably a classic, for such a cake. I will say at once that I will cook a few pies at once, and the composition of the products will be calculated at 2-3 pieces.

The peculiarity of this pie is its non-standard form. It is made very easily, with the help of ordinary scissors. But I'll talk about it a bit later, but now for the products that we need for the pie.

milk - 1 glass;
sour cream - 0.5 cups;
egg - 5 pcs .;
sugar - 1.5 cups;
butter - 100 g;
yeast - 50 g;
flour - 1 kg;
Poppy - 150 g;
pinch of raisins;
salt - a little bit.

Preparation of poppy pie.

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