Canapé for the festive table

On a festive table appetizers have long occupied a leading position. Yes, various canapes are made from fruits, and from meat cuttings, and fish, and vegetables. The main thing - it's a mother at hand, the necessary ingredients and quite a bit of patience in the formation of canapés.

Do not do without doing this culinary task, of course, and without imagination. Some types of canapés for the festive table can be prepared literally in five minutes, but there are those with whom you have to swagger. But the result exceeds expectations both the hostess and the invited guests. We offer you a delicious and appetizing soap from potatoes and herring.

Agree, the combination of potatoes and herring can be safely called classic, so we successfully use this "neighborhood" in our snack dish.

potatoes - 2-3 pieces;
egg chicken - 1 pc .;
wheat flour - 2 tablespoons;
salt - to taste;
fresh herbs for decorating - 2 branches;
Fish Preserves - 100 g (1 can);
vegetable oil for frying - 50 g.

We prepare holiday canapes.

So, here are the products that we need in order to cook a holiday soap.


Let's start with the base for canapés. It will be small potato pancakes. The recipe for their cooking is similar to the hot dipper. Only our potato pancakes will be smaller. Clean potato tubers. Grind them using a grater. From the obtained potato mass we squeeze extra fluid.


 In a potato mass we break one chicken egg.

Follow the seasoning potatoes with salt. If desired, you can potatoes with ground pepper.


To ensure that our potato pancakes do not fall apart, add the usual flour to the mass.


Gently blend with a spoon of potato mass.


Put a small spoon of potato dough on a frying pan, which has already warmed the vegetable oil. The shape of the pancakes should be small and round.


Fry the potato base for a festive canapel from both sides to a golden shade.


Ready-made bases for canapés are better to lay on paper napkins to get rid of excess oil.


Well, now you can start forming canapés. For each potato base we lay out a twig (leaf) of fresh greenery.


From the top put a piece of fish fillet. Ready-made fish preserves are used in this recipe, but you can take whole herring, processed on a fillet. The fillet is then cut into pieces.


Fix the canapé to the festive table with a skein.


Fish potatoes with fish are ready! Have a nice feast to you!