Festive snack from crab sticks

Crab sticks for a long time and successfully "joined" in the ranks of popular ingredients used to create culinary masterpieces. More often, crab sticks are a component of salads. What to say about the corn salad for more than a decade! But we decided to use crab sticks in a different role and made them the main ingredient of a snack at the festive table.

We will roast the crab sticks. Prepare for them a spicy clown with garlic noodles and greens, and then we break in the bread crumbs.

Festive snack from crab sticks is a 100% success for both experienced landlords and newbies for cookery!

crab sticks - 200 g;
chicken egg - 1 pc .;
mayonnaise - 1,5 tbsp. spoons;
wheat flour - 1 tablespoon;
garlic - 1 cluster;
sprigs of fresh greenery;
olive oil - 50 ml;
crackers for breading - 4 tablespoons. spoons;
salt - to taste;
ground black pepper - to taste.

We prepare a festive snack.

Despite the fact that for the preparation of a holiday snack requires a minimum of ingredients, its taste will not leave you indifferent. You just have to prepare crab sticks (keep them frozen), spices and ingredients for a bead. Yes, and do not forget about the frying pan. There are no special guidelines for choosing this kitchen utensil, take any.

 Immediately start with the preparation of a crayfish sticks. In a suitable plate we break one chicken egg.

We transport to the egg a little more table spoon of mayonnaise. By the way, you can use absolutely any that you like or which is in the fridge at the time of the start of the snack.


Pour past the mayonnaise to the egg of a tablespoon of flour.


At the same time, we seasoned the ingredients with a glass of salt and ground pepper.


For a spicy taste, add a crushed clove of garlic or two, finely chopped greens.


All the ingredients for the cabbage stick are thoroughly mixed. Use a fork or cornice.


In the resulting clay with garlic taste, we move our crab sticks, drawn from the package in turn.


We break them in bread crumbs for panning.


It remains only to crab sticks to fry in a frying pan. Instead of olive oil you can take another plant.


Finished sticks in batter and bread crumbs are served to the table on salad leaves.


Such an appetizer is an ideal offer for a foam drink!