Gronno Grape Salad

From time to time I want to pamper myself with some exotic or unusual dish. However, many people are convinced that this requires expensive products. In fact, a completely original and delicious dish can be prepared from the usual every product. An example of such a dish is the Gronno grape salad. As is clear, the main ingredient is grapes, which is available today at any time of the year. All other products are also simple and available in any grocery store.

No festive feast can be imagined without tasty and nutritious, and most importantly the original decorated salads. Each mistress in a number of upcoming holidays wants to cook the best salad, which can impress guests not only with their excellent taste, but also exquisite design.

Chicken breast 400-450 g,
cheese 100 g
3 chicken eggs
2-3 walnuts
mayonnaise, salt, pepper to taste, grapes.

How to Cook a Gronno Grape Salad

To begin with, I cut a boiled chicken breast, and grated cheese and eggs.


Chopped nuts, cut into vineyards. Took a salad. I drew a bowl of breast on the dish.


Nuts and mayonnaise.


Then, cheese, mayonnaise, eggs, mayonnaise - I got two layers.


Now the salad has formed in "bunch" and began to decorate it with halves of grapes.


It is possible to decorate, if you wish, or greens, or as me leaves of grapes.


I got the following "Grain of Grapes". Pleasant to everyone!