How to cook a corner

Every year on Christmas I prepare a corner and I treat it with my kum. Many cook cooking using rice, but I traditionally use wheat. Goodness now the stores sell wheat in bags with the inscription kutya. But if there are no markets, for Christmas it sells grandmother's glasses on the market. I have left wheat since last year, kept in a glass jar, so I use it today.

wheat, honey, poppy, dried apricots, raisins, prunes, walnuts.
Christmas Cooking.

Rinse the rye and pour it with water. Leave for the night If you do not do this, then it will last longer to cook.


Fill with water and cook until ready. I usually weld it up practically.


We rinse well under running water and allow to drain off.


 Make a mash with boiling water and let it stand. Then drain the water.

To grind in a mortar is desirable white color, but at me the mortar is small, therefore it was not very clear.


Add poppy to boiled pearl barberries.


Add the washed raisins.


Cranberry is well washed, if it is hard to pour boiling water for a long time to become softer. Grind.


Similarly, we treat with prunes, washed, if dried in boiling water, and cut smaller.


Add chopped dried fruits.


Add walnuts, just first grind them. Add honey and we mix everything well into a homogeneous mass. The corner should be sweet, but not nauseous.


We decorate on request. I sprinkled with a pastry slice of passover.


And the son took this corner to the grandmother and grandfather. And tomorrow we will treat the kumov. Everybody with a Merry Christmas!