Medovik Cake

If you choose a suitable dessert for home tea, think about how to cook Medovik cake. This fragrant and delicate delicacies have long become favorite in many families. Confectioners too know about it, therefore in shops full of ready honey ones. But from home, none of them equals.

The cake of thin cakes with the flavor of honey and air cream looks extremely spectacular. If you design it with fantasy, it will become a decent decoration of the most exquisite table. And while cooking the dish is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance - bake a cake even a schoolboy.

Of course, this will take him some time. But the process itself will not cause particular difficulties, especially if he read our step-by-step recipe for a cake Medovik with a photo.

flour - 4 glasses;
Sugar sand - 1 glass;
egg - 3 pieces;
Soda - 1 teaspoon or 1 packet of baking powder for dough;
cream butter - 100 g;
honey 2 tablespoons.

sour cream 20% - 800 g;
Sugar sand - 1 cup.

How to cook a cake Medovik.

We are preparing such a design - a water bath.

In the water bath we melt sugar, butter and honey. The products are well warmed up, but do not bring to boil.

Laying sugar and honey.


Everything is intermittently interrupted.

Meanwhile, in the capacity we shoot the eggs.

The eggs must eventually turn into an air cloud.

Sugar, honey and butter were heated enough, the sugar completely melted, the mass became a pleasant golden color.

Now, we introduce the soda powdered with vinegar or the rennet for the dough.

As soon as the rupture / soda is introduced, the mass requires continuous stirring.

As soon as our honey dough increased in volume twice and turned into foam, we removed from the fire.

Let's cool down well.

 Weigh down the mass quickly with a mixer.

Connect with whipped eggs.

I usually take a long time, the dough goes out air.

That's how it should come out.

Now we introduce flour.

All 4 glasses.

The dough will turn out pretty steep, so I squeeze it with his hands.

Wash the dough on the table, without flour dipping it.

That should come to an end. Finished dough is cleaned in the refrigerator to "rest".

While the dough is "resting" we will use a cream for Medovik.

In a container mix sugar and sour cream.

Everything is carefully knocked down.

Sweetened from me farmer, the cream turned out remarkable, holds the shape, with light sourness.

"Fresh" dough is taken from the refrigerator, there it has spent 30 minutes, the table is slightly sprinkle with flour.

Dough is divided into 8 equal parts.

Dough should be rolled up and cut in shape.

Dough into a baking pan by roller or roll directly into a baking dish.

To make the dough not wet, "grease the form or lay out the oiled baking paper.

Roasters are thin, bake at 180-200 degrees for 5-7 minutes until golden color.

Finish the cake to cool.

We also bake the dough trim, from which we will make a cake for our cake.

The ointment cake is thoroughly greased with a cream, do not regret the cream, the more the cream, the more delicious the cake comes out.

Ready to prune the dough in a container and just let it cool.

Collect our Medovik. I do it without interruption from production: cut, burnt, chilled (on the window), washed out with a cream, collected and repeated again. Everything goes pretty fast.

All 8 cakes are greasy with cream. It remains only to lightly decorate it.

Finished cuttings of crumbs are crushed in a package.

Sprinkle cakes with scones.

And remove Medovik in the fridge!

The finished cake Medovik must leak in the refrigerator at eight o'clock, at least. Bon appetit!