New Year's Eve at Tartlets

The most important and bright holiday for many is, of course, the New Year! And in anticipation of this holiday, something incredible happens to me. Although I'm not a kid, I'm looking forward to seeing him every year, especially when he begins to sneak up and remind himself, letting you know that there's quite a bit left. And this understanding comes when you begin to think about what you will cook on a festive New Year's table and what to give to your loved ones and friends.

Below, I want to present a recipe for cooking snacks, which can be called potato-egg: tartlets, cooked with potatoes with cheese and, dipped egg whites, as well as a Christmas tree and a snowman, prepared from a separate egg yolk with the addition of green vegetables. From the specified amount of ingredients, four full-fledged decorated tartlets are issued. First of all, you need to cook tartlets.

potatoes are large - 1 pc .;
chicken egg - 3 pcs .;
cream cheese - 50 g;
mayonnaise - 2 tsp .;
dill - 1 bunch;
canned peas - 15 peas;
salty cucumber small - 1 pc .;
salt - to taste;
olives - for design;
salty salmon - for design;
Canned corn - for processing;
potato starch - 2 hours;
butter (softened) - 1 tbsp. l .;
milk - 1 tbsp. l

New Year's Snack Preparation.

Cleaned potatoes should be grated, rinsed under cold water and pressed.


You need to take one raw egg and separate the egg yolk from the protein, add the yolk to the grated potatoes. Put the rest of the eggs on cooking, then they will be needed in boiled form.


Cream cheese also grate on small grater, add to potatoes with yolk, a little salt and mix everything.


Put the resulting mixture in molds, distributing along the edges and bottom, with the bottom should be denser, since in the future it will be necessary to fill the protein so that it does not spread, and put the bake tartlets in the oven for 25 minutes, setting the temperature 150 degrees .


While tartlets are baked, you can do the protein that will be prescribed in the tartlets as a simulation of the snow cover. Separate protein to pour into deep container.

 Add one tablespoon of milk to the protein, a little salt.

Egg white and milk should be blended together.


Pour protein mixture into sintered tartlets, which have passed the required baking time and put them again in the oven for 5-7 minutes.


Tartlets are ready, now you can start cooking snowmobiles and fir trees. Pre-cooked eggs in a cool, let them cool, clean and separate the proteins from the yolks.


Next yolk will be connected with cucumber and seasoned with mayonnaise.


Blush well with a fork to crumbs, grate the cucumber to a small grater and half the cucumber to combine with yolk.


Mix the egg yolk and cucumber with one teaspoon of mayonnaise, stir and add half a teaspoon of potato starch, so that future snowmen will keep the shape better.


From the resulting mixture, duplicate two balls per snowman, with one of the two balls being slightly larger and the other smaller. These balls are a little overdone in potato starch, but not too much, then they will get a lighter look, will not cling to their hands and the surface will be equal to them.


Connect the largest and smallest balls among themselves, with the smallest one to be at the top. To keep the ball together, between them you can place a mixture of yolk and cucumber (it is first sticky) as a connection, and place the future snowmen on the tartlets from one edge, leaving a place for the fir tree.


Next, you need to cook a mixture for Christmas trees, for this it is necessary to separate the boiled protein with crushed dill, pepper and remaining grated on small grated cucumber.


To the mixture add softened butter and crush the blender.


In the resulting mixture add mayonnaise and potato starch as much as in the mixture for snowmen (0.5 teaspoon), salt and mix well.


Put the resulting mixture on each tartlet, on a specially placed on them under a tree, place a cone.


In principle, you can leave in such an option, but I decided to add tartlets, having decorated the fir trees (removing them) and snowmen (making them "alive").


Using olives, I made hats for snowmen, cutting off the top of the olive tree and also shaped their eyes and buttons with olives. With salty salmon wrapped snowflakes in scarves, dressed garlands on fir trees, and canned corn decorated a Christmas tree with toys. She also described green peas, simulating gifts under the Christmas tree, well, that's what I wanted.

Happy New Year! Happiness, health and love to you in the New Year!