New Year's Eve Bells

I want to offer you an original and delicious snack for New Year's Eve and not only. I am sure that it will taste not only for adults but also for children. In itself, the appetizer is quite diverse, because instead of salmon you can use slices of cheese or ham as an example.

With the filling you can experiment to your taste, the main thing is that the mass was elastic consistency.

salted salmon - 350 g;
crab sticks - 200 g;
Philadelphia cheese (any other cream cheese) - 200 g;
dill - 15 g;
olives for decorating - 3 pcs.

New Year's bell snack cooking.

I will describe to you the process of preparation of this festive snack from salted salmon, and as a filling I will take as a basis a delicious Philadelphia cheese.


We also need crab sticks for filling, which need to be grated.


Finely chopped dill.


All prepared ingredients for filling are mixed in a bowl.

 We mix.

We chopped salmon with thin plates (the form is not important, the main thing here is the thickness).


Now take any appropriate cups, glasses, etc., and put them on the food tape so that it slightly hangs along the edges.


On the sides of the cups lay the plates of fish, without gaps and to the bottom is closed.


We fill them with a ready filling, lightly tumbling.


At the top, swirl the fish as if covering the filling.


Then cover it with a film.


And we clean in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. After that we get and gently turn over. We remove the film and here is our result.


We only have to decorate our snack and can be served on the table.


If the cups were used a little, then you can enjoy a snack in a portion. If the cups were bigger, then you can cut the snack on a 2, 3 or 4 part by serving. This snack will perfectly support the New Year's atmosphere, besides, it is not only beautiful, but also very tasty!


Bon appetit and of course everyone with the upcoming New Year!