Orange cake

Following a simple recipe and using a minimal set of products, literally in about 40 minutes you can create a little miracle - bake a fragrant juice with a delicious scaly cupcake with an orange peel.

Eggs, butter, flour and sugar will surely be found in every home, and oranges in the winter - not at all rare guests. And if a quick review showed that there is everything in your arsenal, do not postpone it - tap the sleeves and delight the home with delicate, delicious baking.

200 g flour;
pair of eggs;
100-140 g sugar (focus on the degree of sweetness of orange juice and your taste);
2 small or 1 large orange;
100 g (maybe a little more) butter;
teaspoon of the rupee;
pinch of vanillin or a teaspoon of vanilla sugar.

How to cook an orange cake

Oranges are thoroughly washed and gently, with a thin layer, clearing them from the peel.


We connect to the juice picker for citrus fruits and extract orange juice - just over half the standard glass or glass.

 It's time to take the basis of the dough, for which you should combine softened or melted butter with eggs, sugar and vanillin. Mix the mass gently, not knocking it down.

In the resulting "mix" add the orange juice with a peel and again we measure the contents of the container.


Connect the flour with the rinse aid and send it after the dill.


As a result of mixing all the ingredients, we obtain a homogeneous semi-liquid mass.


Prepare the baking dish, cover the inside with a thin layer of oil and carefully pour the dough inside.


Put the form in the oven and set the appropriate temperature regime - about 180-190 degrees. After 40 minutes we check the readiness with the help of a thin wooden skewer (the toothpick may be too short). Take out a ruddy masterpiece from the oven.


The orange cake looks incredibly appetizing - the sunny color, the air-porous structure, and the smell!


A toasted cupcake decorate with a light snowball with sugar powder and serve it at the table.