Pomegranate bracelet salad

The Pomegranate Pocket Salad is a truly festive dish. We love him, above all, for an extremely solemn appearance. An appetizing dish decorated with pomegranate grains will become the main decoration of the table, which will bring together all your closest people. Our site will tell you how to prepare the most beautiful "Pomegranate Bracelet" salad, the culinary recipe of which is not complicated at all.

We can not say exactly who and when this wonderful salad was thought up. Most likely, the "bracelet" was invented by an ordinary housewife, who decided to submit an unusual and decorate her variation based on herring under a fur coat.

Of course, in such a romantic dish and language could not go about some salty fish of non-noble origin, but there are different vegetables, grains of pomegranate. Some lovers of unusual combinations add nuts, prunes, apples to him.

There is no "canonical", classic recipe for pomegranate salad. Traditionally, it is laid out in the form of a bracelet, ring or heart. Well, every mistress can put his secret meaning into this dish by handing it to his most elderly people.

smoked chicken breast - 2 pcs .;
potatoes - 2 pcs .;
beet - 2 pcs .;
pomegranate - 1 pc .;
red onion - 1 pc .;
walnuts - 1-2 handfuls;
mayonnaise - 200-300 g

How to cook a salad Pomegranate bracelet.

Pomegranate can be taken without seeds. I had stones, but it should be necessarily ripe and sweet, otherwise the taste of the salad will be badly damaged and you will sit and spit on these seeds. We make vegetables. Potatoes are trampled on a large grater.


Beetroot tremose on a large grater.


I do not take a lot of onions, crush it finely.


 Chicken meat is separated from the skin and bones and cut into small cubes.

Garnet clean.


Then take a plate of salad and place in the middle of the glass.


The first layer around the glass is pouring potatoes.


Then we promise well with mayonnaise.


Following, we put a chicken.


Again we promise with mayonnaise.


From above a little onion (lovers can enlarge).


Walnuts are crushed: you can on the board with a knife, or I can blend in an era.


We mix nuts with grated beets.


And lay out the next layer.


Lubricate with mayonnaise.


Take a glass and put granular grains on the top and internal walls (where there was a glass - just before you grease the walls of mayonnaise).


We clean up at night in the refrigerator. When it comes to mayonnaise, redness from beets and white balds will not be visible. Such a salad will decorate your festive table! Bon Appetit!

About the benefits of pomegranate salad.
"Pomegranate bracelet" - a salad, the components of which are quite useful, except for mayonnaise. We recommend replacing this non-essential product with natural yogurt without additives, if you are on a diet.

But in principle, as we have already indicated, the dish is festive, and the uncommon use of mayonnaise does not exactly harm the health. For smoked chicken, which is usually used in the recipe of this salad, we advise you to replace the usual boiled lump.

As for pomegranate grains, there are some solid merits. 15 amino acids, and 6 of them, except for this fruit, are contained only in meat! At the same time, they are absolutely indispensable for the full functioning of the human body.

Also in this fruit of the kings contains the essential human essential vitamins C, P, B6 and B12. It's no secret that in garnets there are also a large number of minerals: iron, iodine, calcium, potassium, silicon.