These sweets are loved by everyone, but they are not at all in the store like you can at home. The usual traditional sherbet contains a lot of calories and is a very sweet dish. He will go well during the cold tea evenings, when there is snow on the street, or for a cozy conversation with a cup of coffee. It is also great for trekking as sweets on the track, as it has a long shelf life, a solid consistency.

Sugar - 3 cups;
Cow's milk - 1 glass;
Peanuts - 1 glass;
Butter Butter - 80g

How to cook homemade sherbet.

3 glasses of sugar pour into a pan and pour a glass of milk, put on a slow or medium fire.


 We rinse for about 30 minutes, mixing constantly.

Fry peanuts. Put it on a hot griddle and fry until the skin begins to fall off.


Milk with sugar is ready, now we will prepare a dye for him. In a small frying pan we melt half a glass of remaining sugar. It turns brown caramel.


Add it to milk. We adjust the color as you like.


Varim sorbet. Its readiness can be determined quite easily - drop a little bit of mass on the plate. If the drop broke out, you need to cook again. It will take about an hour. Now add butter.


Prepare a mold for sherbet - lubricate it with oil or put parchment and pour the peeled nuts. Fill the waning mass.


We clean it in the refrigerator until it is completely frozen. I'm ready.

Popular oriental delicacies from nuts, sugar and dried fruits. This is not the very fruit and berry dessert called sorbe. In different countries, the name of the dessert does not sound different, somewhere "sorbetto", sometimes "chard", and sometimes "sherbet". These are completely different things, they are different in consistency, and different in taste. Our recipe suggests to cook exactly that sherbet, which is familiar to us from childhood as well as kozinaki.