Snack Christmas candles

I do not know how you have, and I already have a new year's mood. Everything is already decorated with garlands, balls, flashlights, different New Year tinsel. Everywhere there are Christmas hymns that create a wonderful state of foreboding something new, positive. Naturally, like any hostess who will cover the festive table, I will also look for options for decorating my dishes, ways to give them New Year's image.

I suggest that you cook with me a snack "New Year candle" with carrots stuffed with peanut and garlic filling and filling with liver pate.

carrots - 2 pcs .;
mayonnaise - 50 g;
liver pate - 20 g;
walnuts - 20 g;
coconut chips - 10 g;
red sweet pepper - 3 g;
Garlic - 1 teeth.
Preparation of New Year's Appetizer in the Form of Carrots.

For this we will need carrots. It should have a thicker diameter for this dish.


For the first filling we will need walnuts, garlic, dill and mayonnaise.


For the second stuffing it's good to have any liver paste, you can even store it. I did not have a liver pate in the form in which we used to buy it), so I used a pork liver in the form of stomach, mayonnaise and dill.


Carrots need to be cut off evenly.


 With the help of an axis of this vegetable cut, it is convenient to trim the carrot peel, you can just peel the carrot with a kitchen knife.

We need to boil the carrot. To do this, pour water into the pan, add salt to taste, and put out the carrots there.


In the boiled carrots we remove the core. I have this special device for this.


Now prepare the filling number 1: nuts, mayonnaise and finely chopped garlic and dill mixed until a homogeneous mass is obtained. I rarely salt this stuff, since mayonnaise usually has a very salty taste.


Stuff our carrot stuffing. It turns out as in the photo below.


Filling number 2: liver pate, finely chopped dill and mayonnaise to mix to a homogeneous consistency.


We start part of our carrots with a second filling. Put stuffs a bit more on the hill, in the form of a roller coaster.


Now let's move on to turn the simple carrots into a New Year's candle. For this purpose, the top of the candle will be smeared with mayonnaise with a silicone brush.


Pour the smeared places with walnut powder or coconut chips.


From red bell pepper we cut a little oppression.


And we will strengthen it at the top of our candle.


New Year's Candle Snack - Ready. It can be served to the New Year's table and as a separate dish, and as part of the salad or garnish to the main course. By taste, carrots are perfectly combined with peanut and garlic filling, and with liver.


Very beautiful decoration of your New Year's table.