Carrot-Korean Salad and Chicken

Carrot-Korean Salad and Chicken

Wonderfully decorate your salad with carrots and Bulgarian pepper. It is from these ingredients that I suggest starting our trip in the summer.

The presented salad is prepared very quickly, thus, the speed of cooking does not affect its flavoring qualities. But talking about the benefits of vegetables and boiled chicken does not make sense, everyone knows it.

boiled chicken breast - 1 pc .;
sweet pepper - 2 pcs. (better red color);
Carrot in Korean - 0.5 kg;
salt, pepper, seasoning - to taste.

How to cook a salad with carrot in Korean and chicken.

Carrots in Korean, I immediately add to the salad bowl, because it does not need to be cut. Carrot in Korean, someone prefers to cook myself, I often buy at the store ready. The only thing that should be taken into account when purchasing is that carrots are different in preparation - more acute and less acute. I prefer the second option, especially when combined with other products.

 Next, we prepare other ingredients for the salad. Finely chop the chicken breast.

Add a clay in salad bowl to carrots.


We cut the quarters of the rings (it is possible smaller, depending on the size of vegetables) peppers. Try to cut as thinner as finely chopped Bulgarian pepper, it will be better to combine with graceful carrots.


Add the peppers to our almost ready salad.


The last touch is Mayonnaise and spices to taste.


All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. This salad is more convenient to mix or with two forks, or a fork and a spoon.


Such a dish is perfect for both a festive table and a daily dinner. Crispy, juicy Bulgarian pepper and spicy Korean carrot will add brightness, remind you of the summer, will raise your mood in these cold winter weekdays.

Sweet taste!

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