Christmas gingerbread with anticipation

Christmas gingerbread with anticipation

It's no secret that Christmas is a bright holiday. Gadgets start on Christmas, since this night girls are looking for their brides. That's why I offer gingerbread with predictions to your attention. I do not know how you are, but personally, I try not to "play" with fate. But to choose a carrot with a prediction is so romantic. And suddenly there is written exactly what you dreamed about, foresight will strengthen your faith in this dream and it will surely come to fruition!

honey - 500 g;
cream butter - 250 g;
wheat flour - 500 g;
rye flour - 500 g;
sugar - 350 g;
salt - 3 g;
Soda Food - 5 g;
chicken eggs - 2;
milk - 100 g;
spices - 1 hl .;
sugar powder - 150 g;
lemon juice - 1 tbsp. l .;
chicken eggs - 1;
Ginger root - 1.
How to Cook Christmas Gingerbread with Predictions.

First, prepare a dough for gingerbread. I did not find a dry ginger, I had to add fresh if you find the ready-made spices in the package - it will shorten cooking time. Honey and butter need to melt in a water bath.


Cook the syrup with sugar and cool. Mix the flour with salt, soda, spices, add ginger.


Eggs and milk should be added after all the hot.


 Dough mix and give rest about an hour.

After that prepare gingerbreads. Too thick should not be done, they will be burned longer. I made holes for a beverage bar. Bake at a temperature of two hundred degrees ten - twelve minutes. It is better to control the process, otherwise it can burn.


While the gingerbreads are cool, we cook glaze.


Mix lemon juice with powdered sugar and egg whites. We beat down to steady peaks. I paint the glaze with food coloring. Enough two drops.


Holes "walk around" so that they can be inserted into the tape. On paper, we write foresight.


Here you can think.


We divided the predictions by subject. For boys, we wrote "courageous" predictions.


For girls - gentle and graceful.


For moms - lyric and spiritual.


For Papers - original predictions.


The type of gingerbread cookies helped us to share them. A very nice and intriguing dish came out.


I think that next year we will continue this tradition of divination for Christmas! Merry Christmas, dear!

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