Christmas salad

Christmas salad

A few centuries ago, our Christian ancestors did not think about how to cook salads for Christmas, simply because the traditions of their preparation for the festive table did not exist. However, today, the preparation of Christmas salads in the home has firmly grown into our modern tradition of this holiday, and we can not imagine a feast without any salads.

When cooking this salad, each ingredient is made up and distributed over the dishes in layers. The dishes are chosen to be put on a festive table.
It is possible to make both a deep salad bowl, and not very deep.

salmon - 400 g;
chicken eggs - 5 pcs .;
potatoes - 200 g;
onions - 1 pc .;
cream butter - 100 g;
hard cheese - 150 g;
mayonnaise - 70 g;
red caviar - 300 g.

How to cook a Christmas salad.

Salmon is cut into small pieces, placed and distributed on the bottom of the dishes.


Cook the potatoes. Grilled boiled potatoes on a large grater. Put over salmon and evenly distribute.

 Boil an egg. Clear and separate the proteins separately with egg yolks. Grate the protein on a large grater and spread it evenly over the pot.



Rub the yolk and spread it over to the plate.


Cut small onions and spread it over the egg on the dish.



Grind the butter on a large grater and spread it evenly over the bow.


Rub the cheese on a large grater and spread it evenly over the oil.


Mayonnaise gently cover the entire surface of the salad without mixing.


To lay out red caviar along the whole surface of the salad covered with mayonnaise.


It is possible to write a caviar or portray something (depending on the holiday) (let your imagination work here). Pleasant taste and fun holidays.

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