Christmas Tree Cake for the New Year

Christmas Tree Cake for the New Year

I decided to make a thematic cake on the New Year in the form of a fir tree. Everyone really liked not only the look, but also his delicate taste. I want to share with you an interesting recipe so that you can prepare such a dessert for the New Year or for Christmas.

Ingredients for New Year's Cake:
- 5 eggs;
- 10 centuries l water;
- 15 centuries. l sugar
- 13 centuries l flour;
- 2 cent. l starch;
- 1 item l Ripper

Ingredients for custard:
- 600 ml of milk;
- 1 item l starch with a horse;
- 5 centuries. l with top of flour;
- 150 g sugar powder;
- 200 g butter;
- vanilla sugar;
- 0.5 cans of canned pineapple.

Pineapple syrup is needed for impregnation of the cake (it can be replaced with sugar syrup).

M & M candies, orange strips, chocolate bar or candy are used for decoration.

How to cook a Christmas tree cake

Eggs are chilled.


Add sugar.


 We beat the egg mass in a lush foam with a mixer.

Gradually add water, without interrupting whipping.


Gently add flour, which is mixed with rennet and starch.


Bake 1 cake in a rectangular shape at a temperature of 200 degrees to a bluish color. Cut corks, as shown in the picture. We leak the bottom cake with pineapple syrup and let it leak.


Meanwhile, prepare a custard. Mix 300 ml of milk with flour and starch. Another 300 ml of milk to boil. Add in a boiling milk a mixture of milk with flour, vanilla sugar and starch, gradually and constantly stirring.

Let's mass the boil. It must thicken. Cover the milk cream with a film and send it to the refrigerator to cool.


We beat butter at room temperature with powder. Add gradually a milk custard, which had time to cool to room temperature. We prepare the cream with the lower cake and sprinkle it with pineapple slices.


Cover the first cake with two triangular cakes and lubricate the custard. We send to get into the refrigerator.


Before serving, we decorate the cake with multicolored M & M sweets, orange pepper. A chocolate bar or chocolate candy will be a Christmas tree. You can still sprinkle a cake with coconut chips.


Good taste and New Year!

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