Christmas Wreath Salad

Christmas Wreath Salad

Christmas wreath - the name of this salad is more likely to describe the shape, the original design of the festive meal, rather than the specific composition of the ingredients. In the similar "Christmas wreath" interpretation can be prepared any salad dressed with mayonnaise. This includes popular and beloved by many "Olivier", "Mimosa", salad of crab sticks and corn, salad with pineapple and chicken, etc. The whole thing is fantasy and personal preferences.

It is important to lay out components of the salad, creating a peculiar ring. As a limiter and a guide, located in the center, round containers with a desired diameter or cardboard rolled into a tube will fit.

A vivid, picturesque "Christmas Wreath" salad decorates the holiday with a dazzling appearance, even raising the appearance of the present. Try to cook the eating attributes of New Year's atmosphere with us!

chicken eggs - 4 pcs .;
pickled honey - 300 g;
chicken smoked - 400 g;
mayonnaise - 200 g;
olives - 1 jar;
carrots - 2 pcs .;
potatoes - 300 g
How to cook a Christmas wreath salad.

For the preparation of a delicious salad to the festive table, we first need to boil the chicken eggs, cut into small pieces.


To mix all the ingredients you will need a deep bowl, send eggs there.


Then the big pickled honey is better to cut the same way.


 Smoked chicken breast cut into cubes.

Send the mushrooms and chicken to the chopped eggs.


Next we will need olives without seeds, we cut them across the rings, leave a few whole things for decorating.


The olives are mixed with other ingredients.


We make two carrots (one needs to be cut into thin stripes - they are needed to decorate the salad).


Another, like a cool, cut into small cubes.


Let's go to the salad, mix everything.


Grilled potatoes are finely chopped.


Mix up


Fill the salad with mayonnaise and sour cream (or mayonnaise - to whom as you like). There should not be a lot of gas refueling, so that any form can easily be obtained from the resulting mass.


On a large flat dish, put a glass in the middle or any other rounded shape in this way.


And spread around the salad, gently squeezing it with a tablespoon.


So let's get this "cornice".


Then everything depends on your imagination - we decorate the green salad, carrots, olives and draw mayonnaise points and stripes.

A wonderful Christmas wreath came out. In the center you can put a small candle.

Sweet taste!

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