Fried Cheese Salad

Fried Cheese Salad

Probably, for many, the first self-cooked salad was a salad of fermented cheeses. It is very quick to cook, it requires a minimum of products, and special cooking skills are not required. However, the spicy hot food will be a wonderful addition to the daily meal.

In addition, the dish can be used as a snack. So, for the festive table, you can slightly change the serving of the dish. The same salad can be served in tartlets - small baskets. In this form, the salad will look festive and original. Now in stores there is a large selection of ready-made tartlets from sand, puff and dough.

2 eggs;
1 melted cheese;
150 g of mayonnaise;
salt - pinch;
3-5 teeth garlic (to taste);


How to cook a salad of fermented cheeses.

Melt cheese and cooked boiled eggs rub on a large grater. Garlic is squeezed through the bear bearer. Massage is salty to taste and mix with mayonnaise.


We got our traditional, well-known, cheesecake salad.


We put the mass in the tartlets and, thus, the usual dish gets a new look. Upon request, you can put coconut shavings so that the dish is white, hard cheese, to make the dish yellow or to rub the radish so that the dish is pink.


Bon Appetit!

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