How to cook wizards

How to cook wizards

The country of the Belarusian cuisine is a likeness of our drajnyk (or deruny), but stuffed with meat and bigger in size. More sorcerers are very similar to our potato slices, only mold them from raw, chopped potatoes, and not boiled.

In general, the dish is very calorie, so for a little lower it will take on minced chicken breast.

Skip through the meat grinder and put "rest" minced meat into the refrigerator.

Meanwhile, wash 1 kg. potatoes and clean one big bulb. Then, clean the potatoes from the skin and leave it in a saucepan with water. From now on, all the movements in the cooker's kitchen should be quick and clear. Now let me explain why. In the process of grinding in any way raw potatoes, nobody is immune from the fact that it quickly darkens and then the appearance, and taste of the dish will be completely spoiled.

In order that this does not happen, you must first grind the onions, and then rub the potatoes and mix quickly together.

When the potato-onion mass was ready, add to it 1 egg, 2 tablespoons. spoons of flour, salt and pepper to taste and 1 tablespoon. spoon of sour cream.

Eggs and flour for roasting, the potatoes "clinging" did not collapse and a crunchy crust appeared, and sour cream adds a white shade and gives a taste, because potatoes and sour cream in general are inseparable friends. We get the rest of minced meat from chicken fillet and regulate its taste. with the help of your favorite spices and greens (salt and pepper, green onions and parsley).

Here is the moment when it's time to fry the sorcerers. Heat sunflower oil without odor in a frying pan, with the help of hands, formed teaspoons of potato minced meat, In the middle put meat minced meat.

Fry on a small fire on both sides of the witch in about ten minutes.

The oils do not spoil when frying, but you need to take it out on a napkin so that the excess oil vibrates.

Serve hot with sour cream.

Bon appetit!

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