New Year's Pizza Christmas tree

New Year's Pizza Christmas tree

Every New Year wants to make an unusual, to please yourself, to surprise relatives and friends. There are several ways to do this: decorate the house, make presents and Christmas toys with your own hands, prepare delicious food. In order for dishes to please not only the taste, but also the eye, you can arrange them very beautifully and unusually.

For this New Year I decided to make a pizza in the form of fir-trees with toys. Christmas tree decorations came out yellow and red with the help of Bulgarian pepper of the corresponding colors. For strawberries I needed straw sticks. To create a green color of Christmas trees and make improvised halves, I used ordinary greens.

flour - 4 cups;
water - 310 ml;
salts - 1 tsp. ;
vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l .;
yeast - 1 tsp. ;
straw sticks;
sugar - 2 tbsp. l .;
Bulgarian pepper of different colors;
any sauce to taste;
Optional: olives, tomatoes, onions, ham.

How to cook a New Year's Pizza in the form of a Christmas tree.

We make a dough. If you have a bread maker, the number of ingredients for the dough is indicated exactly from the instructions to the baker. The time for its production is about one and a half hours.


 Lubricate the décor with oil, spread the dough. Draw a circle of the future pizza on the dough itself.

Draw a future outline of fir trees, insert straw sticks into those places where heels will be.


Put the greens in a bowl and shred it with a blender, mix with mayonnaise and sauce (I used white heinz, bought in the store).


We cut peppers in cubes.


I wanted to make not only fir trees, but also a part of ham with pizza. Therefore, I cooked a green mixture with only half a pizza. Straw sticks marking the contours of fir trees, lay out decorations of pepper, cut off the extra part of the dough.


Another half of the pizza I greased with a ketchup mixing with mayonnaise, topped with chopped olives, cherries and ham.


Bake for half an hour (t = 180 degrees). Then we cut the fir trees along the edges of the straw sticks.


Happy New Year!

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