Pancake cake with cheese

Pancake cake with cheese

Pancake cake is a wonderful idea not only for oil, but also for those cases when you need to cook something quickly to the tea party for the holiday. Filling can be absolutely any, I will cook with cheese.

thin pancakes - 23 pcs .;
cheese - 600 g;
Condensed milk - by fact;
sugar powder - to taste;
cocoa powder - 2-3 tablespoons. l

Method of cooking pancake cake.

At the heart of this cake, of course, are pancakes. Bake pancakes with your favorite recipe (see the many recipes on our site), the main condition-pancakes should be thin. How many pieces do you decide. It will be enough and 13-15 pancakes, but I like the cake higher, so more oven. For this cake I took 23 pancakes + 2 for decoration.


When the pancakes are ready, prepare the cream. The main component of my cream will be cheese. Cheese is suitable for any fatness.


Cheese it is desirable to wipe through a sieve or to use a blender.


Now you have to add condensed milk to the ready-made cheesecake. My cheese was dry enough, and the thickened milk was thick, so I got a little smaller cans. Condensed milk is added so much that the mass does not turn out to be too rare, otherwise it will come out later. Here we look at the circumstances of the quality of cheese and condensed milk.

 Then add sugar powder. From this moment, begin to try the cream. Add the powder as much as you like. At me the pancakes were not very sweet and in the family we have all the sweetheats, so it took me 150 g.

Cream is ready.


Now divide the cream into two parts. In one part add cocoa (if you do not like cocoa or there is no such thing at hand, you can skip this step).


We will have two types of cream. One is just cheesy and one cheese-chocolate.


We start to make a cake. Put on the dish the first pancake and distribute it cheese cream, approximately 1.5-2 cent. l


From the top put the second pancake and lubricate it with the second kind of cream.


In the same way add other pancakes, each time alternating stuffing. It took me, as I said, 23 pancakes.


From above cake is decorated to your liking. You can decorate it with fruit, chocolate glaze, cover with whipped cream and chocolate crumb, in general, all that is at hand. I've covered it with cheesy cream on all sides.


And sprinkled with coconut chips.


The top was decorated with two pancakes, making them roses with remnants of the cream and decorating the center with berry red currant.


Let's cake leak for at least 30 minutes. Here's how easy and quick you can cook a cake.


After the cake stays and leaks well, you will not be particularly labored to cut it into neat portions of the slices.

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должно быть вкусно и главное просто, попробую
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должно быть вкусно, попробую