Salad with Peking Cabbage

Salad with Peking Cabbage

The time is right when it is necessary to decide on the festive New Year's menu. Practically, no festive table is without salad. I offer you an option that is easy to prepare from simple and accessible ingredients.

If you do not like Peking cabbage, it's free to replace it with white cabbage, only after the cake remember well to make it softer. Another important point in preparing this recipe is to add a piece of garlic, depending on the taste of the salad. This is just the moment when it seems delicious, but something is missing.

I hope you enjoy the option offered by me for snacks, which has the right to take a seat on the festive table.

- Peking cabbage;
- fresh mushrooms;
- Onions;
- carrot;
- paprika;
- garlic;
- chicken meat;
- mayonnaise;
- salt;
- vegetable oil or olive oil.

How to cook a salad with Peking cabbage.

Chicken meat is boiled until ready in salted water. Then let cool. Fresh mushrooms cut.


 In the salad I used fresh mushrooms. Fry the chopped mushrooms in vegetable or olive oil, along with onions, pre-cut.

A little solo Peking Cabbage dressing.


We send to the salad bowl. Add fried champignons with onions. We mix.


Bulgarian pepper cut into thin strips.


Connect with Peking cabbage in salad bowl. Boiled chicken meat is cut into pieces.


We send to vegetables, mix. Carrots are cleaned and rubbed on a grater.


Mix with other ingredients. Salt salad taste. 1 cord of garlic rub into small grater and add to the salad.


We mix.


Before serving lettuce fill with mayonnaise. Sweet taste!

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