Tangerine Cupcake

Tangerine Cupcake

The texture, the degree of humidity of the cupcake itself depends on the amount of drooping tangerine particles dropped. Saturation, a bright flavor of this magnificent baking gives any flavoring concentrate. Confectionery emulsions and citrus, vanilla and romance, as in our example, are suitable here. Also suitable a spoon of cocoa powder - paints the cuticle and makes noticeable chocolate notes. As a result, we get not just a cupcake, but a moist, all-soaked "bright" taste of dessert.

flour - 150 g;
eggs - 2 pcs .;
sugar, butter - 100 g;
Ripper - 1 hl .;
orange peel - 1-2 tbsp. l .;
cocoa - 1-2 tablespoons. l .;
tangerines - 10-13 pieces;
rhombic concentrate - 1 capsule.

How to cook a tangerine muffin

We grind the sugar sand with two large or three small eggs - we cut to light foam.


Fill the selected flavor.

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 Throw small shreds of orange peel - mix.

Pre-melt and cool at least to a warm butter-we introduce into a sugar-egg mixture.


Pour over, sifting flour, razor. For contrast at this stage you can throw a pinch of salt.


Be sure to sow cocoa, to avoid getting dense lumps. Mix to a uniform color and consistency of the species.


Pre-cleaned from the skin, hard walls and rasprobashi on the lobes, load in a viscous chocolate dough tangerines. Gently stir.


Refractory tank is lubricated from inside with any fat, sprinkle with ground crackers or manuka, if you wish, first put a handful of tangerine particles on the bottom.


We evenly fill the form with a thick dough, lightly level the surface. Put in an oven heated to 200 degrees, reduce the heating to 180 degrees and bake the next 25-30 minutes.


We refreshed the tangerine cupcake of chocolate color, carefully we remove it from the form, slightly "powder" the apex and serve it with your sweet sweet dipping or ourselves - our dessert is moist and is safely eaten in a few minutes even without an accompanying sauce.


Sweet taste!

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